Products, Markets, Restaurants and Education

County Extension - classes, 4-H, information for consumers

Seacoast Growers - Community Supported Agriculture, Farm Markets

Seacoast Eat Local - Farm Markets, Restaurants using locally sourced products

Pricing and Ratings
Kelley Blue Book lists prices for new and used vehicles as well as ratings.
County and State Government
Rockingham County
New Hampshire State Government
Access the latest edition of  Licensed, Certified, and Registered Occupations in New Hampshire
Consumer Information

Consumer Search is a site which compiles product reviews from a variety of sources including periodicals and  individuals.

Consumer information from the federal government is available from the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

Financial literacy tips are available at

Federal Income Tax
Internal Revenue Service
Tax forms and publications are available at the Internal Revenue Service website.
Medical Resources
Medical information for the consumer is available through the National Institutes of Health Medline Plus.
Access to the Affordable Care Act  Marketplace is available.
Access to science articles from federal agencies is avalable at
Service Organizations

Hampton Rotary

Hampton Area Lions Club

National Weather Service

Weather Spark   "The typical weather anywhere on Earth"
NH History for Kids
NH Historical Society  Social Studies for Granite State Kids
Moose on the Loose
Children's Book Reviews
Commonsense Media

Commonsense Media is an independent, non-profit website which publishes reviews and guides for children's books, movies, games, TV shows and apps.  The listings include a content summary and age appropriate recommendations.

General Information
The Internet Public Library has links to websites on a variety of topics from science and math to quotations to homework help.